Inspire. Empower. Accomplish. Fulfil. Gratitude

These are some of the Greatest Words of Wisdom I have been so grateful to have had the opportunity to share with others along my Journey as an Educator & Mentor. I have been blessed with the opportunity to inspire others with my own story, empower others to take a chance on them selves, accomplish so much more than they ever thought they could and help my students to fufil their dreams. For that I am truly Grateful. x Alexis O'Sullivan

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American Beauty Academy & Salon was Established in 2002 by Alexis Courtney. Her mission was to Inspire Every Single Person she met to make their Wants, Goals and Ambitions Reality.

'With Every piece of Knowledge you Gain you are one step closer to living the Life you have dreamed of'.

American Beauty Academy Tailor their 1-1 Training Programs to Meet each individuals Needs. Starting every single lesson with Discovering more about you, What you want out of the training, and determining exactly what you want to learn, when you want to learn and how you want to learn.

The Real World expects you to be a Master in your Knowledge & Skills and that is Exactly what we will give you here at American Beauty. Our Courses are Combined with Free Mentoring & Salon Work Experience to Give you the Edge that's needed to succeed in the Industry! Confidence is Key in Taking the skills and knowledge you have learnt and turning them into a successful Career, We do this by teaching you Life skills, how to build rapport and how to set Real Goals and track them as well as set your Daily Affirmations which will allow you to soar.

  • All our Courses are Accredited & Recognized with VTCT (ITEC) & ABT which means you can work for yourself or any Salon or Spa Internationally.

  • All of our courses are taught on a 1-1 basis with free ongoing mentoring and support.

  • We offer training to Salons all over Ireland.

  • We can provide group options with a discount.

  • We provide opportunity to train even if unemployed (Grants and payment plans offered).

  • You don't need Experience or leaving certificate.

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