Gel / Acrylic / Polygel Nail Course
  • Gel / Acrylic / Polygel Nail Course


    This course Will Teach you 4 Courses in 1.

    1. E-File
    2. Gel Polish Overlays
    3. Gel or Acrylic or Polygel Nail Extensions with Tips
    4. Gel or Acrylic or Polygel Nail Extensions with Forms


    Topics Covered in this course:





    Health & Safety

    Client care & Consultation

    Nail Anatomy

    Contra indications

    Contra Actions

    Product Knowledge



    Week 1

    How to use Your E-file

    Choosing your E-File Bits

    How to Prepare the Natural Nail for Nail Enhancements

    How to Remove Gel Polish Safely (soak off vs efile)

    Cleaning and Maintenance of E-file

    Overlay with Gel Polish Application


    Week 2

    Tip and Gel Overlays (Option to do Acrylic Acrylic or polygel method)

    How to Get rid of Lifting safely

    How to Rebalance with an Efile

    How to Blend your tips in 20 seconds and reshape the Tips

    How to Create Beautiful Apex with your Efile


    Week 3

    Form Sculpting & Gel Overlays (Option to do polygel or Acrylic method)


    Salon Mentoring In house:

    Rebalancing Nails

    Removing Nails


    Option 1: For those who Have no experience with E-file or Gel or Acrylic or polygel nails and Need a Certificate (for Insurance and those wanting to secure a job or work for themselves.)

    Duration: 9 Hours over 3 Session plus Free Salon Upskilling to gain confidence and precision

    Times: Available upon request

    Fees for 1-1: €525

    Fees for more than 1: €400 each

    Nail Enhancement Pro Kit and E-file and Bit Kit: €350 see kit details below.


    Option 2: For those who already have experience with E-file & Gel or Acrylic Nails in a salon or have been previously trained Correctly

    Duration: 5 Hours over 1-2 session

    Times: Available upon request

    Fees: €350

    Must Have own Kit; Efile and bits.


    ABT Accredited & Insurable: This is an insurable course allowing you to use offer this service with the general public and charge for it. You will get a ABT Accredited Certificate at the end of training. Models may be required.


    Payment Plan Is available for this course. Telephone or meeting Required prior to enroling. If you are considering payment plan, please contact us 1-3 months prior to enrolment.​