Hard (Peel off) Waxing Course
Hard (Hot) Wax Course
Hard (Hot) wax is fast becoming a salon favourite. Hard strip-less wax is so effective and has been proven to be more effective on deeprooted hairs. Great for underarm and Bikini or Facial Areas but can be used anywhere on the body. The heat encourages hair follicles to open up for easy hair removal. This course is taught through lectures and practical sessions, model will be required for the advanced waxing.Course content:•    Health & Safety•    The Structure of Skin and Hair and the Stages of hair growth•    Contra-indications •    Consultation •    Preparing treatment area•    Hot wax application •    Methods of hair removal •    Facial waxing•    Underarm & bikini & Legs•    Advanced female waxing•    Contra-actions •    Aftercare advice 

We have 2 Course Options:
Option 1: Certification Only
If you have been trained and feel confident in proceedure & treatment planning and all theoretical knowledge and are already qualified in other areas of beauty we can offer to Certify you through 1 practical assessment and Multiple choice paper.
Duration: 3 Hours
Certification Price: €175
Telephone or meeting Required prior to enroling. 
Option 2: Training & Certification
We will train you in all theoretical and practical aspects of this course. This course is Taught on a 1-1 basis and we will Certify you upon Successful completion of the Course.
Duration: 6 Hours
Training Price: €350
Telephone or meeting Required prior to enroling. 
Salon Mentoring in House included after Training

ABT Accredited & InsurableThis is an insurable course allowing you to use this therapy with the general public and charge for it. You will get a ABT Accredited Certificate at the end of training. Models may be required.
Payment Plan Is available for this course. Telephone or meeting Required prior to enroling. If you are considering payment plan, please contact us 1-3 months prior to enrolment.​ 
Funding Opportunities: This qualification is listed by QQI on the National Framework, and is eligible for TESG funding. Please contact your local Social Welfare for details.

Hard (Peel off) Waxing Course