Henna Brows Course
  • Henna Brows Course

    Henna Eyebrows
    €350 - Henna Brow Tinting, Brow Waxing or Threading and Brow Mapping
    €300 - Henna Brow Tinting and Brow Mapping
    €300 - Henna Brows Tinting and Brow Waxing / Threading 
    €175 - Henna Brows Tinting 
    Not everyone can be blessed with naturally Full and Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows. Most of us need a brow gel, brow stencil and brow powder or even just a brow pencil to keep our Brows looking good day to day. But imagine if you didn’t have to bother with any of that. The treatment of Henna Eyebrows & Shaping is something a customer can get on her lunch break, no downtime required.
    Tinting takes around 30 minutes depending on the hair colour or look desired while shaping can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on either two factors: if your client needs a total brow reshape or a quick maintenance.
    There are many variations of Eyebrow Services: Henna Eyebrow Treatments, High Defining Brow Treatments, Brow Shaping, Brow Lamination treatments. Most of the treatments start with the therapist assessing the shape of the client’s face, Eye shape and colouring, hair growth and conditions before creating a bespoke brow or Lash Curl/Lift, we focus on determining the possibilities for your clients. In a Henna Tinting treatment, we look at: Hair Colour and what colouring the client is already and determine what the client would like their New Brows look like. Henna Tint lasts longer and is more suitable for the skin.
    We recommend you have taken the Following Courses prior to attending this course; however, it is not mandatory as we will provide a manual which will cover what is essential.
    Level 1 Facial Skincare – Science First
    In this Module you will gain Knowledge in:
    Health & Safety
    	Workplace - tools and equipment
    	Therapist and client positioning
    	Data Protection
    	Infection Control
    Client Care, Communication and Connect Strategies 
    	Connect 4 - The Process
    	Client consultation forms, record cards and skin consultations
    	Treatment Planning
    	Body Language
    	Client Preparation
    	Contra indication & Contra actions
    Eyelash & Brow Tinting Treatments
    	Product Essentials
    	Equipment Essentials
    	Disposable Essentials
    	Your Treatment Room
    	Procedure Break down – Henna Eyebrow Tinting			Choosing the correct Colour
    		Choosing the correct Method of mixture
    		Drying Timing
    		3 Application Methods - Ombre, Full and Medium Definition
    		10 Troubleshooting techniques for Brow Correction and treatment planning
    In this Module you will gain Skills & Experience in:
    	Carrying out risk assessment, Infection control & hygiene
    	Setting up our Treatment room
    	Preparing our Products and Equipment
    	Carrying out a Consultation before the Treatment
    	Preparing the Client, yourself to meet the Treatment needs			Eyebrow Cleansing
    		Mapping the Brows
    		Golden Ration Measurment
    		10 Troubleshooting techniques for Brow Correction and treatment planning
    		Creating a 3 Different Levels of Definition for Brows
    		Application of Henna Tint on Brows
    		3 Application Methods - Ombre, Full and Medium Definition
    		Removal of Tint
    		Waxing Brows (Optional)
    		Threading Brows (Optional)
    		Tweezing & Trimming Brows
    Training & Certification
    	Training is Available Online & In House
    	1-1 or group options available
    	Dates available to suit you and your schedule (advance booking essential)
    	ACCREDITED Certificate you upon Successful completion of the Course
    	Duration is 3-6 Hours depending on pricing option above. 
    	Deposit of 50% required upon booking dates
    	Theory pack included
    	Kit Sold Seperately
    	Telephone or meeting Required prior to enrolling.
    	Salon Mentoring in House included after Training
    ABT Accredited & Insurable
    This is an insurable course allowing you to use this therapy with the general public and charge for it. You will get an ABT Accredited Certificate at the end of training. Models may be required.
    Payment Plan Is available for this course. Telephone or meeting Required prior to enrolling. If you are considering payment plan, please contact us 1-3 months prior to enrolment. ​
    Funding Opportunities: This qualification is listed by QQI on the National Framework and is eligible for TESG funding. Please contact your local Social Welfare for details.