Russian Lashes

Take your career to the next level!


This course is perfect for lash technicians who have mastered the classic lash treatment but wish to offer a more volume look to clients. Volume lashes is when a lash technician now becomes a lash stylist using more in depth knowledge about eye shapes and styles to create a set of lashes suited to the individual. This course is designed to show you how to not only apply eyelashes but create styles and expand your lash mapping skills. Learn to work with coloured lashes and how to use the curls to complement clients eye shape. 


Volume lashes is being able to create volume using super fine lashes.

Learn the skills, tips and tricks to pick up multi lashes and techniques to create fans of lashes from 2-8 using the correct placement methods. LashArt brought the amazing NEW self fanning lashes to beauty industry this year.


On this course you will learn how to use these new amazing self fanning lashes making volume fanning, faster and easier than ever before. For those lash technicians that struggle with making fans this course will also show you how to use good, quality light pre made fans and explain how they can be used safely on the lash without damage.

You will also learn:

  • How to create and place Fans

  • How to use Self Fanning Lashes

  • Styling lash techniques

  • Volume retention techniques

  • Lash maintaining

  • Tools needed

  • Aftercare and retail options

  • How to market lashes


To attend this course, you need to be a certified lash technician with some eyelash experience.

You will receive a FREE kit worth €200 so you are ready to take the lash world by storm!

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

  • Return on Investment
    8000 lashes in each tray = 10 Russian Volume 5D Full Sets (Earning potential £1150 @£115 per full set) +
    5600 lashes in each tray = 12 Russian Volume 3D Full Sets (Earning potential £1200 @£100 per full set)

    Total: £2350

    The new NOIR Star Volume Lashes are also far lighter- 33% lighter than normal 0.10 lashes which means you can apply more 2D or 3D fans, avoiding the use of a more difficult thinner lash, such as 0.07. The little gaps on the lash surface increases the bonding area, which means better bonding powder and longer lasting results. This new lash is great, both for beginners who struggle with volume fanning, as well as for experienced lash technicians who want to speed up the application process.

    Kit includes

    LashArt Makeup Remover Pads (70pcs)
    Noir JetSet Glue (3g)
    LashArt Glue Preserving Pack & Silica Gel
    Glue Safety Card
    LashArt Sanitizer (5ml)
    Sanitizer Instruction Card
    FairyFix Primer (10ml)
    FairyFix Orange Gel Remover (10g)


    Noir Volume Lashes 0.07 Mink Eyelashes Mix Tray C/D Curl
    Noir Volume Lashes 0.10 Star Eyelashes Mix Tray C/D Curl

    Noir Ultimate Tweezers
    LashArt Separation Tweezers
    LashArt Dual Black Tweezer Case
    LashArt Signature Glue Vials
    LashArt Hand Sponge
    LashArt Eyelash Ruler
    LashArt Sleek Lash Definer

    LashArt 3M Micropore Tape
    LashArt Styling Wands SS (25pcs)
    LashArt Lint Free Applicator LA (25pcs)
    LashArt Curved Fit Under Eye Gel Patches (20pairs)

    LashArt Deluxe Artist Case

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