Russian Volume Lash Extensions

Level 3 – Eyelash Extensions – Russian Volume


€500 Includes kit

(if you have previuosly trained in Classic Lashes Discount may apply)


This course is designed for those with previous experience in Classic 1-1 Method Eyelash Extensions. Volume Lashes Eyelash Extension are applied in 2 Methods. Pre made fans and Handmade self fanning lashes. They can start at 2D and go up to 7D, this means 2 or more lashes glued together in a fan shape. This Technique is use to make the lashes look fuller and fluffier, Lighter lashes would be used to not to weigh down the Natural lashes.


Our courses come with a fully extensive manual providing you with your lash 'bible' on everything you need to know to go out and start your clients straight away. You will also receive full support by your trainer and a way to contact her if you ever have any problems in regards to your lashes or simply need some reassurance that you are on the right track!

The main focus on this course is to develop Practical skills in Volume Lashes extensions Treatment.


We will recap on all Knowledge learnt in Classic Lash Extension Plus the following:


Volume Eyelash Extensions

  • Volume Lashes Product Essentials
  • Volume Lashes Equipment Essentials
  • Volume Lashes Disposable Essentials
  • Procedure Break down – Volume Lash Extensions Course


In this Module you will gain Skills & Experience in:

  • Carrying out risk assessment, Infection control & hygiene
  • Setting up our Treatment room
  • Preparing our Products and Equipment
  • Carrying out a Consultation before the Treatment
  • Preparing the Client, yourself to meet the Treatment needs
    • Eyelash Cleansing
    • UEP Placement
    • Taping the Eye
    • Making Fans
    • Seperation of the Lashes
    • Volume Lash to Lash bonding
    • Creating a Beautiful Fluffly Set of Lashes
    • How to Refill a set (through mentoring only in house)
    • How to Remove a set (thorugh mentoring only in house)
    • Lash Styles (eye and face shapes explained)


Your kit is included in the training. With enough applications to do 25 lash extensions with the potential earning of over €1000.


Training & Certification

  • Training is Available Online & In House
  • 1-1 or group options available
  • Dates available to suit you and your schedule (advance booking essential)
  • ACCREDITED Certificate you upon Successful completion of the Course
  • Duration is 6 Hours over 2 Sessions + In house Mentoring
  • Deposit of 50% required upon booking dates
  • Theory pack included
  • Telephone or meeting Required prior to enrolling.
  • Salon Mentoring in House included after Training


ABT Accredited & Insurable

This is an insurable course allowing you to use this therapy with the general public and charge for it. You will get an ABT Accredited Certificate at the end of training. Models may be required.


Payment Plan Is available for this course. Telephone or meeting Required prior to enrolling. If you are considering payment plan, please contact us 1-3 months prior to enrolment. ​

Russian Volume Lash Extensions

  • Return on Investment
    8000 lashes in each tray = 10 Russian Volume 5D Full Sets (Earning potential £1150 @£115 per full set) +
    5600 lashes in each tray = 12 Russian Volume 3D Full Sets (Earning potential £1200 @£100 per full set)

    Total: £2350

    The new NOIR Star Volume Lashes are also far lighter- 33% lighter than normal 0.10 lashes which means you can apply more 2D or 3D fans, avoiding the use of a more difficult thinner lash, such as 0.07. The little gaps on the lash surface increases the bonding area, which means better bonding powder and longer lasting results. This new lash is great, both for beginners who struggle with volume fanning, as well as for experienced lash technicians who want to speed up the application process.

    Kit includes

    LashArt Makeup Remover Pads (70pcs)
    Noir JetSet Glue (3g)
    LashArt Glue Preserving Pack & Silica Gel
    Glue Safety Card
    LashArt Sanitizer (5ml)
    Sanitizer Instruction Card
    FairyFix Primer (10ml)
    FairyFix Orange Gel Remover (10g)


    Noir Volume Lashes 0.07 Mink Eyelashes Mix Tray C/D Curl
    Noir Volume Lashes 0.10 Star Eyelashes Mix Tray C/D Curl

    Noir Ultimate Tweezers
    LashArt Separation Tweezers
    LashArt Dual Black Tweezer Case
    LashArt Signature Glue Vials
    LashArt Hand Sponge
    LashArt Eyelash Ruler
    LashArt Sleek Lash Definer

    LashArt 3M Micropore Tape
    LashArt Styling Wands SS (25pcs)
    LashArt Lint Free Applicator LA (25pcs)
    LashArt Curved Fit Under Eye Gel Patches (20pairs)

    LashArt Deluxe Artist Case