• Combination Waxing (Hard & Soft wax)


    This course encompases both Hard (Hot) wax and Soft (warm) Waxing. Whilst Hot / Hard wax is fast becoming a salon favourite For larger areas like legs or back the warm waxing is a necessity. Hard strip-less wax is so effective and has been proven to be more effective on deeprooted hairs.  The heat encourages hair follicles to open up for easy hair removal.


    Course content:

    • Health & Safety

    • The Structure of Skin and Hairand the Stages of hair growth

    • Health and Safety

    • Client care

    • Contra-indications

    • Consultation

    • Preparing treatment area

    • Methods of hair removal

    • Hot - Hard wax application and removal

    • Soft (spatula) wax application and removal

    • Facial waxing - Lip, chin, brow and sides of face 

    • Contra-actions

    • Aftercare advice

    • Pricing


    ABT Accredited & Insurable

    This is an insurable course allowing you to use this therapy with the general public and charge for it. You will get a ABT Accredited Certificate at the end of training.


    We have 2 Course Options:

    Option 1 - Training & Certification

    We will train you in all theoretical and practical aspects of this course, It is Taught on a 1-1 basis and we Certify you upon Successful completion of the Course.

    Duration: 6-7 Hours

    Training Price: €450


    Option 2 - Certification Only

    If you have been trained and feel confident in proceedure & treatment planning and all theoretical knowledge and are already qualified in other areas of beauty we can offer to Certify you through 1 practical assessment and Multiple choice paper.

    Duration: 4 Hours

    Certification Price: €350


    Models may be required. Payment Plan Is available for this course. Telephone or meeting Required prior to enroling. If you are considering payment plan, please contact us 1-3 months prior to enrolment.​


    Funding Opportunities: This qualification is listed by QQI on the National Framework, and is eligible for TESG funding. Please contact your local Social Welfare for details.